Legacy richly contributes.

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Legacy is where it all started. Richly best describes the cultural resources Jamestown brings forth.  To contribute is the actively provide and achieve.
Not just here in the United States, but right in the Florence area (once Marion County) of South Carolina where a land transaction by Ervin James turned into more than a family farm, a community. To date, the Jamestown Foundation has worked with local and national partners to document, preserve, and interpret Black life through broadening perspectives of the way life during the reconstruction era, lending itself to understanding the knowledge and aspirations of free Blacks is very much rooted in the growth of American. Our initiatives – land and structural preservation, cultural education, and the hunting lodge - provide new ideas and innovations on how to teach, capture, and connect the Jamestown community to the 21st century.   Jamestown Foundation seeks to strengthen its role as an essential cultural institution, while reinforcing the financial stability to secure the mission. The success of this $5 million campaign will solidify our long-term presence, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, both culturally and financially. Click here to download the Jamestown Foundation Case Statement.  
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